Green Philosophy


Forests cover 30% of the Earth's surface and contain much of the biological diversity found on land – they harbour over two-thirds of known terrestrial species, many of which are threatened. Forests play a crucial role in ensuring our continued existence. They provide critical environmental services - regulating water flow into our streams/ rivers and moderating climatic change. We also depend on forests to supply us with many essential items such as timber for all kinds of uses, non-timber forest products such as rattan and bamboo, wild fruits and medicinal plants. Many of the animals found in forests are of great importance to us. Bats, for example, help to pollinate fruit plants and keep the number of insect pests down; without bats we will have to spend more money on insecticides, most of which are harmful to the environment.

Tropical rain forests have long been recognized as one of the most productive type of forests in the world. There are only three areas in the world where tropical rainforests are found – tropical South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. The rainforests of Southeast Asia are believed to be the oldest and among the most biologically diverse in the world.

At Greenwood International we recognize the vital role rain forests play in the earth ecology. We admit 'logging inevitably affects the environment', but with careful planning and sound operational practices, disturbances to the forest can be minimized. We are also proud of our Chain of Custody Certification through the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™). We strive to partner with suppliers who are committed to sustained yield and responsible forestry practices. In order to communicate with the society showing our strong commitment towards the environmental presentation, we introduced our own Green Policy Program.

Our Green Policy Program takes all the action to come to a well - balanced mixture of environmental and commercial interests. The latter can be checked through sales, profits and annual reports. Environmental interests can be are being checked through audits from an FSC® or PEFC™ accredited body such as SGS and Control Union. Our Green Policy Program contains the following keywords: Ambition, Transparency and Communication.